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The new version of RC Scoring Pro is here! The driver screen has been redesigned to reduce entry errors. Duplicate classes can no longer be added by mistake. Some features previously only available in the Professional version are now available in the Standard version.

RC Scoring Pro was designed for the serious race director. It has advanced features race directors need, and features racers love because it helps them improve their lap times.

RC Scoring Pro sets the new standard for AMBrc® scoring software. It has all the features you need to take your track’s events to the next level. You want to know who won last week’s race, and who had the fastest lap? Want to know what your pace was before you crashed? Want to know what your racing or practice lap times were last season? Want to see the 50 fastest practice laps today? Want to add a racer to the current race that is already running? Want to add racers into the race program from inside the hobby store with a wireless connection ? You can do all this with RC Scoring Pro.

Racing screen shows Racer Name, Car#, Laps, Lap Time, Elapsed Time, Pace, Time Behind the Leader, Time Behind the car in front of you and Fastest Lap displayed. Notice how cars are sorted by PACE, and not by laps during qualifying. If the slowest car on the track was the first car to start qualifying, other programs show him in 1st place each time he crosses the scoring loop. Then as everyone else crosses the loop, he drops to last place. Not with RC Scoring Pro!

This is a sample Screen, lap times are not actual laps times!

When a racer finishes a race, the software announces "You are done". You can even add a car to a race while the race is in progress.


Multiple track support
• Add a racer to a race just by having him cross the scoring loop. (Great for late racers)
• Retain racers’ data for future events (Results, Lap Times, Practice Laps, everything)
• Supports up to 20 house transponders
• Super fast racer entry
• Multiple Beta Brite display control (see below)
• Complete control of Heat/Main setup
• Review Heat/Main setup, modify, then preview and/or print. No wasting paper.
• Re-sorts (as many as you like)
• Points season
• HTML, JPG, PDF, TXT output for easy web viewing
• Recall & print results from prior events
• Race replication – run previous races as if they were live
• Change race time length while racing
• Use built in sounds, or use your own
• Sort by pace during heat races (easier to announce)
• Fast support via phone or email

Keep your racers and the crowd informed with racer’s position and lap times on a Beta Brite board (available separately). These signs are under $200, don't settle for less.



The Graphical race display shows who is moving up through the pack.


Other scoring programs can tell you what your practice lap times are, but RC Scoring Pro goes much further!

Each driver's data is displayed in a separate window
Window appears as soon as a driver crosses the scoring loop
Displays lap times and current pace
See the average lap time, total run time, fastest lap time, total laps
Print this driver’s lap times directly from this window
Pace can be reset by the driver or by the race director
Laps that are too fast or too slow do not affect the pace

Professional RC racer Paul LeMieux relies on RC Scoring Pro. Paul says “It allows me to make small changes to the car, and then see how it affects my times, and I can see how my lap times compare to the competition.”

Paul won a ROAR National Championship before his 20th birthday.

Well known Race Director and Announcer Scotty Ernst says “This software has every feature a race director would want, and more!”

Practice Mode has separate windows for each driver. A red window indicates that the driver just crossed the scoring loop. A yellow window indicates the driver is no longer on the track, and will be removed automatically. You can print or preview lap times as often as you like.


Racers love RC Scoring Pro’s practice features. You can even have lap times played over the track’s speaker system! The race director can preview and print any driver’s laps, or print all laps from the last 1-59 minutes, or print the entire day’s times for all racers. It is completely flexible. You can turn printing off, or just display the times on the screen, then print them if you choose to. No wasting paper!

The practice printout contains a lot of useful information that helps a racer dial in his car: Number of laps, fastest lap, average lap, pace, grouped laps, 15 best laps, all the laps listed in order, and the run time. At the end of the printout, the best laps of the session are displayed. So you can see how you stack up! You can even display just the lap times between certain times, so you could see who was the fastest in the 2:00 to 3:00 practice. And you can print a list of the fastest lap times of all racers combined.

Why choose RC Scoring Pro over AutoScore ? AutoScore evolved from a DOS program. When B&B wrote the Windows version of AutoScore, computers were slow and expensive, and the program had to be written to work on these machines. But times have changed. Computers are faster, cheaper, and more powerful. RC Scoring Pro was written from the ground up as a windows application. RC Scoring Pro uses a true relational database to store its data. AutoScore write its data to text files. The difference is clear. If you are serious about your tracks racing program, then there is only one program to consider.

RC Scoring Pro has only been on the market since March 2004. But nothing makes us more proud than to see that most all of the local tracks are switching to RC Scoring Pro. Even though many of these tracks spent money on JLAP or AutoScore, they could see the huge benefits that RC Scoring Pro provides. I am not able to visit every track in every state, but the tracks I have visited have become not only customers, but friends as well. Out of all of the tracks listed below, I had only been to Trackside. These other tracks all heard about RC Scoring Pro by word of mouth.


  RC Scoring Pro AutoScore
Database + Points (Free Download) Included  
Re-sort Included  
IFMAR Ladder Mains Included in the Pro/National Version  
Qual(ifier) Points Included, has multiple tie-breaker options  
Total Cost

$599 10 Car Version
$799 20 Car Pro Version

Pro Version Includes:

  • 20 Cars maximum per race
  • Print to multiple printers after each race
  • Racer entry from a remote PC
  • Print Current Qual Points and AAA results with one mouse click
  • Ability to display a .jpg on each classes results sheet to show the sponsor of that class
  • A-Z buttons to easily find a racer that is entered in the race in case you need to remove the entry
  • Pro Reports! Write your own SQL queries and save them for future use.
 Latest Version Updated constantly. If you find a problem, it gets fixed, right away. N/A
Number of Racers Unlimited. Racers are all entered into the same database. Then you can just display On-Road or Off-Road racers that attend a certain track, or attend on a certain day of the week. 999
Number of frequencies per racer Unlimited 3
Number of Classes Unlimited (Each track retains it's own classes) 30 (On Road and Off Road, Electric, Nitro, Oval Classes all mixed together)
Print Heat Sheets Nice looking Color Windows Printouts, can also be saved to HTML or PDF formats Courier Dot Matrix Printing
Lap Time Printouts Position, Name, Laps, Time, Fastest Lap, Time Behind the preceeding car, Position after each lap, pace after each lap, Position Graph, Lap Time Chart, Average of the 5 and 10 fastest laps. time
consistency check
External Display Display the leaders name and pace, or each racers name and lap time as they cross the loop on a BetaBrite display. Two concurrent displays are currently supported. More displays will be supported in the future. Output to a 3 digit numeric display. The display they support costs about $140 more than the BetaBrite!
Practice Mode Individual popup windows for each racer. All times are saved in a database table and can be reprinted or displayed on the screen in the future. You can even query the database and ask it who had the fastest practice laps. Individual detailed printouts available. You can print individual racers laps times with a barcode scanner (optional). Lost the sheet with your practice laps ? Print another! Each sheet shows every practice session of the day for that racer with detailed information: Numbers of laps, fastest lap, slowest lap, run time, average of the best 5 laps, best 10 laps, best 15 laps and best 20 laps. Scrolling window with all racers lap times intermixed. After the times are printed they can't be reprinted. Missed your printout - it's gone.
Points Series You can run On-Road and Off-Road Series on the same PC. A separate copy of AutoScore needs to be installed for each different point series you plan on running
Ability to Rerun (reconstruct) past races Yes No
Auto Save Races Yes No
Print Top Qualifiers Unlimited. Can even be displayed (and printed) while a race is running. 10
Racing Sounds Use any .WAV file you like Three built in sounds for each option. Not user definable
Quick Racing Sounds Press F7, F8 or F9 to play a special .WAV file that you select. If a racer crashes, you can press F7 and get a quick "DOH!" played over the P.A. No
Sound played when a racers race is over User definable. The default .wav file plays "You're done" over the P.A. Beep
Bump Ups As Many as you like. You can select who bumps up (it doesn't have to be the winner) Top x racers, cannot be selected on the fly.
Resorts and Main Setup You select the number of racers in each race in real time (not hard coded into the class options). If 5 people left early you can remove them from the mains and try to reduce the number of races. Easily change two races with ten total racers from eight racers in the 'A' and two in the 'B' to ten in the 'A' main. Takes 5 mouse clicks! Uses predefined class options to setup re-sorts and mains. If you don't like the final result, get ready to drag and drop.
Reporting Tool Predefined buttons run certain reports for you, but you can also learn how to program SQL and run any query you like. Super powerful! You can run a query to show who ran the fastest practice lap today, or who had the fastest qualifier this year, etc. No
Show racers Pace All Cars Leader only
Show racers Fastest Lap during racing All Cars No
Show racers clock during qualifying Master Clock plus each racers individual clock is displayed Master clock only
Show racers average lap time All Cars No
Add racers to a race automatically as they cross the loop Yes, even if using a house transponder. You can even change the name of the racer if they are borrowing a car with someone else's personal transponder. No
Display Position Graph while racing Yes None available
Display the fastest lap time of the day Yes None available
View every lap time of every racer while racing Yes No
Change the length of a race while racing Yes. For example, a Nitro racer can change a 10 minute main to 15 or 20 minutes with the click of a button. Or shorten a main if it looks like it is going to rain. No

  Standard Version $599

Pro Version $799

The Most Popular

National Version $999

Maximum number of tracks

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum number of classes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum number of racers per event Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Decoder Support AMB20, AMBrc, AMBrc3 , KO, RC Timing AMB20, AMBrc, AMBrc3 , KO, RC Timing AMB20, AMBrc, AMBrc3 , KO, RC Timing
Print to 2 printers after each race
(One printer in tech)
No Yes Yes
Print a condensed heat sheet No No Yes
Print to Text, HTML, PDF Yes Yes Yes
Works with LiveRC.com No Yes Yes
User definable sounds Yes Yes Yes
House Transponder Support 20 Maximum 20 Maximum 20 Maximum
BetaBrite sign support Two BetaBrite Classic Two BetaBrite Classic

Two BetaBrite Classic

Quarterscale mode No Yes Yes
AAA Mains, BB Mains Yes Yes Yes
Qual Points 6 Rounds of qualifying maximum 6 Rounds of qualifying maximum 6 Rounds of qualifying maximum
Reedy Style Points No Yes Yes
Print AAA results with 1 click No Yes Yes
Print TQ list with 1 click No Yes Yes
2.4ghz frequency support Yes Yes Yes
Barcode/ID #racer entry (super fast) Yes Yes Yes
Use Barcode to get practice laps
(Can also use keyboard)
Yes Yes Yes
Automatically sort mains CCC, BBB, AAA
instead of C,B,A,C,B,A
No Yes Yes
Quick Change Frequencies on race screen Yes Yes Yes
Pro Reports, create run save your own SQL queries No Yes Yes
Show track records by class Yes Yes Yes
Create a signup sheet based on previous entries Yes Yes Yes
Import racers from online registration Yes Yes Yes
Print Sponsor Sheets with Name, Class Yes Yes Yes
Merge Mains (Run different classes on different days, but run all the mains on the same day) No Yes Yes
Individual Practice Windows Yes Yes Yes
Save all practice lap times for future use Yes Yes Yes
Maximum cars per race 10 20 20
Show each racers pace on Race Screen Yes Yes Yes
Sort IFMAR races by pace, not actual laps/time Yes Yes Yes
Change the length of a race during a race Yes Yes Yes
Make changes to previous races while races are running Yes Yes Yes
Print additional Heat Sheets while races are running Yes Yes


Add late entries while races are running Yes Yes Yes
Show gridlines on screen when racers are less than x seconds apart to show the announcer who is battling No Yes Yes
Schedule Generator No No Yes
Points Program (12 week max) Yes Yes Yes
Free Upgrades 1 year 1 year 2 years
Automatic click, click, click upgrades Yes Yes Yes
Reedy Race of Champions   Yes  
Indoor International Championships     Yes
ROAR Nationals     Yes
RC Pro Series     Yes
Cactus Classic   Yes  
2010 200mm Worlds , Texas     Yes
Also used at CRCRC (OH), Nitro Pit (AZ), Leisure Hours (IL), St. Louis Dirt Burners (MO), Tamiya (CA), US Indoor Championships (OH), SRS (AZ), Mike's Hobby Shop (TX and TX) and hundreds more