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For a trial version of RC Scoring Pro, please email us and request a copy.

AMBView is a little program that looks for a MyLaps decoder attached to your PC.

It looks on all available COM ports (not USB) for the decoder. Click here to download

RC Scoring Pro users manual (These are OLD but still helpful)

How to Enter a New Track

How to Enter New Racing Classes

How to Enter New Racers

How to Setup Heats/Mains

If you need a USB to serial adapter, I like TigerDirect, I use the CPTECH adapter, Under $15.
See it here Sabrent Adapter

Points (Series) Program - 12 Week Maximum (40 week version available for $40)

RC Scoring Pro Points Program FULL INSTALLATION Feb 14-2014

RC Scoring Pro Points Program UPGRADE Feb 14-2014 --> Goes over existing versions, bug fixes and new features. Now imports AAA mains, but you must have a version of RC Scoring Pro from November 2011 or newer.

The points program is designed to handle one racing series. If you race more than 1 day a week and want to keep track of both series, install a second copy of the points program. For example, if you race Tuesday and Friday, install the points program and change the installation folder to C:\RC Scoring\tuesday. Then install a second copy of the program into C:\RC Scoring\friday. Then make a shortcut on your desktop for each season, rename the 1st icon to "Tuesday Points", and the 2nd icon to "Friday Points".

RC Scoring Pro .WAV Files - Download if you think you may be missing some sounds

Frequently Asked Questions!