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has some big fans.

If you would like to talk to someone who has run races with RC Scoring Pro, please email one of the following race directors:

Ruben Benitez, Race Director at 'A' Main Hobbies, Chico CA

Brandon from Dirt Heaven near Green Bay, WI wrote to us:

Dear RC Scoring Pro, I have been racing r/c cars since 1993. Since that time, I have helped out with the race directing, and in 2001 I bought a hobby shop. At that time, my partners and I decided it was time to upgrade from Autoscore DOS to a Windows based scoring program.  At first, we bought JLap. The features sounded great at first, but it was lacking one major function.... race scoring that WORKED! Within the first 3 months of using the software, we had nothing but software crashes and angry racers. Shortly thereafer we switched to Autoscore Windows. The software was more stable than JLap, but still had a few flaws. Unfortunately, some of the cool functions we had hoped for in a scoring system were not available. After a few months of running this software, I heard about RC Scoring Pro. I tried the RC Scoring Pro for one night and was instantly sold. I have now been running RC Scoring Pro for 6 months and have not had one single problem, and every single feature we could ever want has already been incorporated into the software. On top of that, your support is second to none. From taking new ideas and requests to taking personal phone calls, you are easy to contact and friendly at all times. After spending over $1700 on software that we no longer use, RC Scoring Pro was by far one of the best investments we have ever made. The racers love the software and its extensive list of features, I love it's ease of use and functionality as a race director, and everyone loves the fact that the software is stable and can run a full race weekend with hundreds of racers and have no problems.

Sincerely, Brandon

Since this email was written about 9 years ago, Brandon Rohde have become good friends, and he and I came up with the idea for LiveRC.com, and the rest is history!

Brandon from MSRA in Tennessee wrote to us:

“In July at our TCS race we had 113 entries, 15 qualifying races per round and ran 4 rounds and mains flawlessly! Couldn’t say the same for JLap with 73 entries last year, it crashed at least twice, I personally ran the pc for both of those TCS races.”

Brandon Henderson

Hundreds of tracks in the United States, Canada and many other countries are using RC Scoring Pro!