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RC Scoring Pro

We are MyLaps Largest USA R/C Dealer!

Buy your MyLaps Decoder from us and save $$$, and FAST Shipping!


You can now order everything you need to get your new track up and running directly from us!

We have the new RC4 decoder, scoring loops, and transponders (Hybrid and the 3 wire RC4).

Robby from Augusta Supercross in Georgia, said "We just ran our last race with JLAP".

"We had our first race last night. It went perfect thanks to RCSP! We had almost 90 entries." John Stoehr, Rocckracing.com

See the ROAR Racing website for ROAR National Championship results here

RC Scoring Pro is once again running these events:

2014 Electric On-Road World Championships

The 2014 International Indoor Championships (iiC)

2014 ROAR Nationals

2014 SnowBirds (Paul LeMieux WINS!)

Nearly every large RC Race in the United States uses RC Scoring Pro.

Frequently Asked Tech Questions!

(Screen is simulated, so not all information is exactly accurate)

The Road Runner Icon next to Chad Due shows he is on a TQ run

The Progress Bar helps find the racer on the track, if it turns red that racer is late!

Individual lap times are displayed on the bottom of each racers display area (The National version shows 20 laps, other versions are fewer)

The EQN is "Estimated Qualifier Number", if you stay on pace this is where you will qualify. The '-' means this is not your best run

You can change the minimum lap time right on the screen with the Pro or National Version

Sunderlage's display has changed color to show he had an unusual lap. Double click on 38.8 to add a lap, or click 'Ignore' to skip it

Gap time brackets show racers that are battling for 2nd place! The gap time is adjustable

Take a look around our website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.