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Innovation in 2015!

What's new for 2015......Lots of things!

New Pricing on the Pricing Page

TWO!!! New Applications

Introducing.......Trackside TV and Connect!

Trackside TV is a racer's best friend. It displays everything a racer has to know, and it displays the information on large screen TV's in your pits. At the beginning of the day it shows the racers their practice lap times, and other important practice information. Then once the heat sheet is available, it pops up who is in race #1. Then every few seconds it displays the next race. So just watch the monitor and you'll see what races you are in. Once racing starts, Trackside TV automatically switches to 'Racing Mode', where the important racing information is displayed. It even shows who is in the next race, so that guy who is always late for his race will actually be on time!

Trackside TV is available NOW, it's only $8 a month, email us for a free trial.





Connect! is a program that shows your racers information, it displays the heat sheet, and race results on a touch screen monitor (or use a mouse). You can view any race, so go back and see how you did in round 1, or check and see which race number you are in now after the re-sort. You can click on the "Email" button and email yourself the race results and your lap times, then go back to your pit and review the information on your smart phone.

Connect! will be available soon....if you'd like to try it email us


We are adding MANY MANY MANY new features to RC Scoring Pro

Instant TQ!

All entries for the current class are displayed in a grid, and the racers in the current race are displayed in green if they are moving up in the qualifying order, and in red if they are dropping in the order. The EQN column shows the "Estimated Qualifier Number". If the EQN is green, that racer is on their best run. If the EQN is displayed in red, then this isn't their best run. Chase LeMieux is improving 30 spots, from 40th to 10th.

You can see the Road Runner image next to Frank Krivitz, showing that he is on a TQ run.

The progress bar estimates where the racer is on the track. If the bar turns red, the racer is late and may have crashed.

You can turn on "Big Race Info", so if you have monitors in the pits the racers can see there is 1:33 left in this race and they better head up to the driver's stand.


"Everything worked perfect, thanks for the absolutely fantastic service" Bill Mason, Fear Farm RC

"The new program worked flawlessly today thanks for a great product." Fred Knapp, Rapid Competition

"We had our first race last night. It went perfect thanks to RCSP! We had almost 90 entries." John Stoehr, Rocckracing.com

See the ROAR Racing website for ROAR National Championship results here

RC Scoring Pro is once again running these events:

The 2015 International Indoor Championships (iiC)

2015 ROAR Nationals

RC Scoring Pro runs more races in the United States than all other scoring programs combined

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Frequently Asked Tech Questions!

Take a look around our website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.